Fire It Up! The Outdoor Kitchen is DONE!

Well maybe tomorrow night we will fire it up and throw on some meat…tonight let’s just admire the craftsmanship! This was a challenging project from day one but when it is all said and done we now have one sweet outdoor kitchen ready to cook for the masses and a great new entertainment area ready for the backyard. It is late and I need to hit the showers but I wanted to post some pics because I am very proud of the job Kami and I did on this baby!

Enjoy! I will post some in taken in the daylight tomorrow when I get the chance.


Only the Grout and the Grill Left to Do!

Well I have to throw it out there that my wife and I out did ourselves on the tile work for our outdoor kitchen. I think our Do-It-Yourself status has officially jumped up a few notches with the way this is turning out. I would not recommend that first time tilers start our with a diagonal, inlay, and diamond pattern job but what the hell…we did it!

I will of course post pics of the finished product when we are able to get the grout done and get the grill installed but those are supposed to be the easiest parts.

We hope you enjoy are work…we will not be available to help with any of your tiling projects unless you pay very well!