The World Around Me is Freezing

Literally.  Freezing rain and sleet have fallen from the sky since about 2 p.m. today.  I watched everything around me slowly become covered with layers of ice.  My wife has to go to work tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that…pains of being a nurse.  I am fortunate that I get to work from home and don’t have to try to travel in the bad weather, but I am always worried during transit.  Maybe they won’t have many patients and she will be able to come home early!

So tomorrow I will be working from home as I normally do on Friday but I am also going to be hanging out here alone in the icy wonderland for the weekend as my wife works.  Her luck, she works every 9th weekend and hers of course is the one with a half-inch of ice on the ground…joy.  So I can do several things this weekend.  Okay so there are not that many productive things that I can do this weekend.  I could always get lucky and actually have some client work to do, or I could just ramble more on this blog!  What I should do is our taxes…would this just make the icy weekend worse?  Or would this actually make something out of what will most likely be a weekend of watching movies and waiting for the temperature to rise enough to thaw things out.

So if I don’t get any new projects from clients should I salvage the weekend and work on taxes? Or just hangout and watch movies?  I would love to see your comments!


Bad Day…Great Ending

So today was a train wreck of a day…nothing seemed to go right and everything was a struggle.  You have had those days before right?  I worked so several different projects and there seemed to be some kind of speed bump on each one of them…I didn’t seem to have a chance!  Of course I was able to get things taken care of and will start tomorrow with a clean slate and little hang over from the terrible Tuesday.

So how to you flip a bad day and turn it into something to celebrate?  Drink a cold beer and book a tropical vacation!

So that is exactly what I did.  St. Croix here we come! If anyone has been to St. Croix and has any tips or things to see let me know.


St. Croix…Here we Come!

Twist my arm…make me book that trip to a tropical island…go ahead.

So given the crappy day that I had and the fact that my wife can only go so long without booking our next vacation, we booked a trip to the Caribbean Island of St. Croix.  Looks beautiful and was a great price so we are off to try it out.  I think my mother-in-law stopped off here on a cruise but she doesn’t quite remember…must have been some cruise ;)

If anyone has anything to say about St. Croix please let us know, we would like to hear it!