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Happy Birthday!

I would like to wish my lovely wife Kami a very happy 29th birthday (again!)!  You are beautiful and I love you more each day.  Thank you for being so strong and for putting up with me for all these years.

I hope you have a great day…so sorry I can’t be there with you…I’ll be home soon!

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And the Anniversary Gift winner is…

Okay…so my wife and I are terrible at keeping secrets from one another and can rarely pull off a surprise because of it.  I thought this year I was doing really great.  Key word is “thought”.

As our 10th anniversary approached I was going to be in New York City for a business trip and had decided to buy Kami a watch for our anniversary.  Since it was relatively spur of the moment I figured I could pull of the surprise and make the gift seem even better than it was.  For a few weeks leading up to the big day we had both been playing the “what do you want for your anniversary?” game and had thrown out things trying to make each other think the other one hadn’t gotten anything.

I have to admit…seriously…up to this anniversary I was winning the best gift category.  I nailed our 5th anniversary with a custom-made diamond ring with 5 diamonds.  It was perfect.  I used my great idea way to early in our marriage!  What was I supposed to get for 10?  I couldn’t afford a custom-made 10-diamond ring!  So a watch it was…a fun one in her favorite color from a Time Square shop (not a street merchant…the real thing).  I thought I was doing well.

Until I got home and shortly after I surprised Kami with her new watch…then she revealed her gift.

She had been planning a trip to the MLB All-Star game for months!  She has been working on tickets, booked an amazing hotel and we leave in a couple of weeks.  Game, Set, Match to my lovely wife Kami.  She most certainly takes the best gift prize down and makes my watch look like something you get out of a vending machine!

Thank you Kami for an amazing gift and I can’t wait to spend some time in Phoenix with you at the spectacular resort you booked…might even treat you to a spa day for all your hard work in keeping this one a secret!

Happy Anniversary!

10 years ago today I married my best friend and the love of my life.  I kid around a lot about how LONG we have been married and that it feels like forever.  The truth is that the last 10 years have flown by and I can remember almost every moment we have spent together as husband and wife (although I am sure it is a different version than my wife’s).  Kami and I have known each other for most of our lives…seriously, we knew each other in kindergarten.  We have always been good friends and have been through a lot of things in our lives together.

As many of you know our tenth year of marriage has not been an easy one for us.  The loss of our son was the most difficult thing either of us has had to deal with and we are certainly still dealing with it.  This is something that thankfully brought us even closer together (which I didn’t even know was possible).  We have cried together, held each other and supported each other as we both deal with the emotions in our own ways.  I want to thank my wife for being so strong and for continuing to show strength as we move forward with our lives together.

Maybe it is because we have known each other for so long on top of being married for a decade but nothing really seems different from the day of our wedding.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  Might even have a longer wedding and reception the next go around…we may have set a wedding land-speed record!

I know that the next 10 years will be as great or greater than the previous 10 because of the woman I am married to.  Thanks Kami for an amazing 10 years and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

I Love you.

Father’s Day

Okay…I really don’t want to make another sad post but I know that this one will fall into those lines so bear with me.  Today is Father’s Day.  It is a day to celebrate those that taught us to throw a baseball, make a tackle, become a man.  The guy that passed along so much wisdom we can’t even recognize it until we have to use it…and we will use every bit of it.

My father has been a sense of strength my whole life.  Always calm, always strong, always there with support and an answer when needed.  Thank you Dad for always being the rock in my life.

Tomorrow my wife and I are playing in a golf tournament, the EP Classic, which was set up to honor the father of some family friends of ours.  They do a great job of honoring Ernie Pierce and raise some money to help research the disease that took his life.  It is an amazing event carried out by the daughters of a good man.  Well done Lesley, Melissa and Amber!  I am always impressed by people who are able to find ways to honor their parents and these ladies are on the top of the list.


So…here it is.  Father’s Day.  This was supposed to have been my first Father’s Day.  Now it is one of those strange occasions in my life where I simply don’t fit in anywhere.  I had a son.  But was never a father.  Never got the chance to pass along the wisdom of my father to my son.  Mother’s day was equally as hard on me…because where do Kami and I fall?  Just another question no one can answer.  You would think that we would be used to it by now.  We have had more unanswered questions over the last year than the previous 30+ years of our lives.

I really didn’t mean to make anyone sad or feel sorry for me.  What I want to do is flip things a bit.  If you are a Father or Mother and are being celebrated during these great moments, be sure to take a step back and look at how lucky you are for being able to be a parent to your wonderful children.  You hear the term miracle thrown around a lot when it comes to kids and believe me, they truly are.  Remember that and don’t take it for granted.

Thank you Mom and Dad for all the great things you have done for me…you are loved more than I can show or say.

New York City

So last week I got to do something that I really never even considered a possibility in my professional or personal life.  I organized and helped with a commercial shoot for a client inside Grand Central Terminal in New York City.  It was a great experience working with a great videographer and actor in such an iconic setting.  The shoot when amazingly well with really no complications at all…and most importantly the client was happy.  I can’t wait to see the outcome!

Part two of this trip fell into place on some really crazy circumstances that I really can’t talk about.  What happened was an opportunity of a lifetime.  When I learned of the dates of the shoot at Grand Central Terminal, being a Yankees fan I checked for home games while I was in the city.  Luckily they happened to be playing the hated Red Sox while I was in town.  Thanks to a special contact I was able to secure some amazing seats to the game (12th row behind first base!).  My boss and I were going to experience an amazing rivalry in a beautiful stadium from an unbelievable vantage point.  So things came up that led my boss to have to cancel his part of the trip and I was left with an extra ticket to the game.  So who else do you ask first?  I called Dad.  Being a life-long Yankees fan, Dad was excited for the opportunity but was a little leery of traveling to NYC by himself and getting around.  THANKFULLY he decided to come anyway.

Dad made it to the hotel without any issues and I met up with him as soon as my shoot was done.  We had dinner that night and as he would say “mentally prepared” for the game the next evening.  Leading up to the game we were able to head to the top of the Empire State Building, hung out in Central Park and took the time to tell stories and talk.  It was a great opportunity and experience in itself.  Two small town guys taking in the intrigue of New York City with no plans and really nothing we had to do or see, until game time!

My brother and I were able to go with Dad to a couple of games in the old Yankee Stadium before they tore it down and it was great to be able to bring him to the new stadium for such a rivalry game.  The game proved to not be that great in itself but we still had great seats in a great stadium and were able to experience it together.

If you ever get the opportunity to do something with your dad after you are an adult it truly is special.  You realize a lot about yourself and how much you emulate your parents.  You can really appreciate all that they did for you.

So Happy (early) Father’s Day Dad!  Thanks for making the trip.


It is the season for anniversaries!  Yes, I missed my own parents 40th anniversary by a day because for some strange reason I ALWAYS enter it wrong on my calendars! (Sorry Mom & Dad!)

Yesterday was my brother and his wife’s anniversary and mine and my wife’s 10th anniversary is coming up toward the end of the month.  As I was upset with myself for completely lapsing on my parents 40th wedding anniversary I started to think about some things that I have really taken for granted over the years.  Number one on the list is that my parents have been married for 40 years!

As a kid my brother and I did not know how lucky we were to have parents that stuck together and worked at their relationship enough to keep it going not only for them but for us.  Of course there are tough times, we didn’t see them but after being married for nearly 10 years myself I know they were there.  Frankly if you can be married to someone for 40 years and not have some arguments and disagreements then there is something creepy going on…seriously…it would creep me out.

To step back and think about the wonderful example on marriage that we had growing up I am so thankful to have that moving into my 11th year of marriage.  I was able to see how as parents decisions were made, conflict was dealt with and fun was had by most everyone for an extended period.  Not just hit or miss happiness…I mean honest, long-term happiness.  As kids we never knew about financial issues, theoretical differences, or even my parents just getting tired of being around each other.  We were protected from anything such as that and it was important.  We were always a family…always on the same side and always working together to keep the streak of happiness going.

I understand now.  Being older and in my own marriage I understand that you are not trying to win anything.  You are trying to keep each other as happy as possible for as long as possible…that is the goal.  It isn’t to be right or win the arguments, those don’t mean anything.

So if you are celebrating your anniversary this month, CONGRATULATIONS!  And here’s a toast (of coffee, it’s early!) to your many more years of continued happiness!


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