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I’m a Geek…this is not the news

So anyone that knows me understands that deep down inside I am a geek.  I like computers and technology.  Yesterday one of the greatest minds for technology stepped down from his post as the CEO of Apple.  Ironically I am sure my MacPro start-up drive decided to fail in protest.

The very first computer I used was an Apple IIe back in my mom’s computer classroom in Chandler.  I loved that thing!  Constantly playing Oregon Trail, coding in basic (yes, I was an elementary school geek), and always on the search for Carmen Santiago.  I have been using Apple products since.

Steve Jobs sold his VW Microbus to start a company with a Steve Wozniak in 1974 and went on to change the way we do our jobs, communicate and for many of us live our lives on a daily basis.  You people out there thinking that you are not influenced by Apple and Jobs might want to wait just a minute.  If you are reading this blog post after using a mouse to click on the link…well you can think Jobs.  If you carry one of those little USB jump drives around…yep.  Thank Apple.  They were the first company to widely use USB and were the first to ditch the floppy drive and yes…were the first to use a mouse.  It’s not all about iPhones and iPads. (he was a co-founder of Pixar too…so if you like Toy Story and Cars, Thank Steve)

So if you are using a computer…which you are…this is a blog post! You have something to thank Steve Jobs for.  Of course the is not going too far away, he will be stepping into the Chairman of the Board roll.

Good luck Apple.  I am still looking forward to the future and I can’t wait to see what you come up with now that Steve has moved on.  I hope you continue to impress even us geeks with your innovative products.  And Thanks to Steve Jobs. You have made being a geek socially acceptable (for the most part) for the last 30+ years.

Thanks everyone for your help in remembering Lukas!

Kami and I want to thank you all for helping us remember our son and for participating in our little fundraiser!

We received a total of 45 pictures and that makes our donation $225!  Since we didn’t quite reach our goal of 100 pictures we have decided to make the $225 donation to each of our charities.  So $225 to Faces of Loss and $225 to March of Dimes.  It is great to be able to give to such great organizations in memory of Lukas.  Thank you all again for helping us!

A special thank you to those that made donations on your own.  We are so grateful for your support.

Here is our collage of pictures that we received.  To make things workout we were not able to include all the pictures and we apologize for this…do know that your pictures were included in the grand total.

We hope that this becomes a tradition and we plan on doing it once again next year.  Start thinking of the creative ways to include green balloons in your pics for next year!  Maybe we can double the number of pictures for next year!


Wisdom…when do you get it?

Okay…so I am going to take a break from the posts about my roller coaster life and pay tribute to those in my life that have passed on some wisdom that I am trying to share with those around me that apparently don’t have it.

My dad told me a long time ago that “you will talk your self into more trouble than you will talk your self out of.”  Now if you have known me for a decent amount of time you will know that it took me a LONG time to truly understand this statement.  Today I am fully aware of it and the truth behind it.  So…when do we pass the threshold of listening to wisdom…and truly hearing it?

I remember so many bits of wisdom that has been passed down to me from my family, coaches, professors and mentors that guide the decisions that I make on a daily basis.  I have learned over the years that they are absolutely true.  Now I like to pass these bits of wisdom on to those around me that are not understanding of the situation, but as I once was…they don’t always seem to believe it.  So…how can I illustrate their importance to a level that will not only be understood, but obeyed?

That is my challenge for the day…should be a fun one.

I miss you baby boy

One year ago today…at about 2am my son was born still.

Just a short time prior this his birth my wife and I heard the worst words anyone can hear…”there’s no heartbeat.”  I can still hear the doctors words in my mind.  They, along with the ultrasound image of my son lying still are forever burned into my memory.  He was so peaceful, so small, so innocent.  He never had the chance to laugh, cry, or play.  I never got the chance to meet him. So instead of doing all the things most parents get to do on their child’s birthday…we get to remember how such a small and short life still changed our lives forever.

Lukas, you taught me to take in every piece of beauty there is in the world.  Not to take anything you love for granted and to truly make the most of each day.  You taught me that you truly are not in control of your own life and all you can do is focus on being kind to people and have fun.  You taught me that in the grand scheme of things all the little “stresses” we have really aren’t that big of a deal.  Since you left us I have enjoyed every sunrise, and every sunset…thinking about the fact that you never got to see one.  Shortly after you passed away I was working outside and a butterfly landed on my broom and stayed there for nearly an hour while I cleaned the patio.  From that point on I have looked at these gentle creatures with a different light.  I see each coincidence in life with a little more joy and I grasp for the knowledge of how you would have grown up.

I know that all the questions in my head will never be answered.  I have accepted it.  What I do know is that I have never loved someone so much and that I will never forget the lessons you taught me.

So on the anniversary of your birth I want to say that I love you and miss you baby boy.

Still Seeing Green

Kami and I are still getting pics in and we love all of the support! There is still time to send us your pictures…we are accepting them through August 11, as that was the day one year ago when Lukas was born still.  We have gotten quite a few pics but we are still short of our goal of 100.  We will be donating $5 for each picture to either Faces of Loss or the March of Dimes in memory of our son.

Both of these organizations are wonderful.  One helped us through our tragedy and the other is working to make babies stronger and help us understand and prevent baby loss.

Please email your pictures to

Thank you for helping us remember Lukas!

well this got interesting

So yesterday was a very interesting day for Kami and me.  We had known for a week or so that Kami was pregnant and were both excited and nervous about our appointment for an ultrasound yesterday.  This was to be the first ultrasound we had experienced since we lost Lukas and we were both prepared to be emotional when we saw the little heartbeat of our second child.  Then a whole different kind of emotion hit us when to our surprise….there were TWO little heartbeats!

Yep…TWINS.  Identical twins nonetheless.  We could do nothing but laugh.  We laughed and smiled for probably 15 minutes in that ultrasound room, we had the ultrasound tech laughing and that is all that we could do.  We know that we are SUPER early in the pregnancy and we know all to well that things can go wrong.  We have been open about what happened with Lukas and we are excited about this new adventure so we want to share with those that we know and love.  And we will need all the good thoughts and prayers we can get!

So there it is…no more secrets from me…TWINS.  Still can’t wrap my head around it but I guess I have a few months to figure out how.


PS…we will be listening and noting all offers for daycare and babysitting, starting NOW!


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