the Due Date

Well here we are…March 21. Ian’s official due date.  I can’t express enough how happy I am that he is a growing, healthy, happy baby boy.  I also can’t express enough how happy I am that on his due date he is already 3 weeks old!

There is simply NO WAY Kami and I could have mentally made it this last three weeks with her still being pregnant.  It would have been an emotional roller coaster, with both of us wearing blindfolds and possibly no seat belts!  Basically stomach in knots, head spinning, life in limbo kind of thing.  Needless to say the last 3 weeks with the little man have been amazing!  He is a good little boy and is brightening each of our days.  Even if he decides to also brighten our nights, we still love seeing his eyes and hearing the strange noises he makes.

We are so excited to see what he has in store for us as he grows up.


I am not sure why I quit blogging over the last few months.  I think maybe there was some fear in there…some of my old baseball player superstition sneaking in maybe.  You see things were going so well for Kami and her pregnancy that I really didn’t even want to talk about it.


Well now…I can!  On February 28, 2012 our little boy, Ian, joined us.  After so many months of living on the edge, fearing the worst while hoping for the best…the best had finally come.  He is a little guy…just north of 5 lbs and follows my build with long arms and legs.  In short, he is perfect!

Kami and I told ourselves that Tuesday morning that Ian may not cry immediately and that didn’t mean anything was wrong.  We even said that right before he was delivered and we heard our little man let out a good solid scream!  It was the greatest sound of my entire life.  Our little boy is healthy and perfect.  Just the way we had dreamed about, and now it was reality.

Now we live in the world of parents with a newborn…and it is wonderful.

I find myself looking at him and doing two things.  First thing I inevitably do is wonder if his older brother, Lukas, would have cried like he does.  If he would have the same sly smile and cute dimples.  If he would be as mellow and calm as he looked around at the world he has just entered.  Then I remember that I will never know and that the only thing I can do is thank Lukas for the knowledge we gained in losing him.  Because without learning about what caused his death, we wouldn’t be holding Ian.  Without going through the pain that we did we would not take joy in all the things that probably would have driven me nuts.

So thank you big brother…you have done more for your little brother than anyone I have ever known.  I can’t wait to talk to Ian about you and how you changed mine and Kami’s lives while giving Ian a chance to make it in this world.

I can’t wait to share our adventures with you!  Thanks everyone for your continued support, thoughts and prayers…they have meant more to us than we can ever express.