A Fresh Dose of Perspective.

For those of you without ties to friends, colleagues, or family in Europe, I feel like I should share with you what it has been like for me as I watch Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. I work for a […]

New Look for Letter 10

I recently worked on a quick project for our local Cub Scouts Pack, and it rekindled my desire to update my own website. Which, as a designer means I’m also going to work on a new logo for myself, because […]

To The Beach!

Shortly after we upgraded to our Class-C motorhome, we started planning a trip to one of our favorite places, the BEACH! Over the past 7 years, we’ve made a road trip to the Florida Gulf Coast, and stayed in a […]

Moores Adventure

A few years ago, my wife and I were confronted with a common challenge these days. Our son, then 5, was spending way too much time inside and on a screen. We struggled to motivate him to want to do […]

Ten Years

I can’t believe it’s been ten years. Ten years since we lost you. Ten years since our first son, Lukas, was born still. So much has happened. So much didn’t get to happen. I’ve thought about this every day for […]


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Hi, I’m Jay. Here you will find my posts trying to find the elusive balance between my career, my family, and my hobbies to keep everything in harmony.


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