Basketball League is Over! Goals Accomplished!

We last night was the last game of our basketball league and I am glad to see it end. While the games were fun I discovered a few things about myself and how hard it is to recover when you are older and more out of shape than you were the last time you played games like these. There were a couple of goals that were reached during this league…and here they are!

I began this league with the goal of getting in shape for our vacation to Mexico that is getting closer as I type. There is no doubt that I am in better shape than before even though I am still not in good shape.

Another goal was to not get hurt…that was accomplished with the exception of a busted mouth after a clumsy guy hit me in the face and a sore shoulder. Not sure what the shoulder is from but it is definitely sore.

The most far out goal (as we learned from the first game) was to win the league…actually this was not a goal because I kind of had an idea that we would suck and we definitely proved that going 2-5. To top it off we got one win against four guys and one of their daughters, and the other win was a forfeit. Sad I know.

My most important goal was to dunk the basketball before I turned 30. This was accomplished last night on a break away with no one around. So 43 days before the old 30 and I got up just high enough to slide one through. I would love to say that I just drop stepped and threw it down but at my age a squeak through counts! Call it the old, out of shape, white guy handicap! I will still take it.

Now on to the usual work outs to try and get in better shape for that Mexican beach!


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