Customer Service is Now an Oxymoron!

We have all had horrible customer service experiences and we have all had great ones. I had one of my worst ones today dealing with of all things! This should not even need customer service as it is just a program to watch games on and has been around for years. Last year it worked great, no problems all year. For some reason they decided to make changes to it and now almost every time I try to watch a game is either says I am blacked out or it can’t verify my location to see if they need to black me out. This time I had had enough so I decide to call their support number.

Rule of thumb to all customer service managers and executives that set up customer service centers: If your customers mainly speak English, SO SHOULD YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES!

Unbelievable to me that America’s pass time now has foreign customer service reps. Not only could she not speak English, apparently she could not hear it or comprehend it! She also did not understand the error messages the program she is supporting was giving. Seriously. If I say that the error is stating that I am blacked out then I do not mean that it is saying I am logged into multiple computers! Also if I say 6, I do not mean 3. Those numbers don’t even sound similar! Maybe you are good with math lady but there is no need to divide in this case. I understand that it may be cheaper to hire foreign people to man the phones but are you really accomplishing anything? I now will probably never subscribe to your service again and I will write blogs like this that will be read by like 5 people who probably weren’t going to subscribe anyway but now they definitely won’t!

Take that!


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