And Now Back to Work.

Well we all survived our Mexico adventure which was actually not very adventurous at all. My wife along with 3 other couples all headed to Tulum last week. Tulum is south of Cancun, a good hour and a half cab ride south of Cancun. The transfers to and from the airport were not highlights of the trip to say the least. The resort was nice and I would recommend it but the location was not the greatest. If it were in Cancun and you didn’t have the retarded long cab ride it would have been great. The beach was nice to look at but there was a hidden row of ankle-breaking rocks that had to be crossed in order to find and area to swim in the sea. We only attempted this once before we headed down the beach some 300 yard to an area that was perfect. Here the sand was like carpet almost 75 yards into the sea…perfect really for swimming and playing in the waves.

The food and drink were okay, they are always okay when they are included in the price of the trip! I was not overly impressed with the quality or selection at this resort but it was adequate and those traveling with us seemed to like it. For some reason they wanted to have Sushi every freaking day! Sushi in Mexico? I am not even close to being a Sushi fan so this was not my area, but I was good and went with the group as they had their Sushi rolls.

For me the highlight was the day at the spa that we had. We all actually signed up and booked the spa day while drinking way to much in the pool…it really is amazing that we all remembered that part when some of the other details of the day are, shall we say, a bit cloudy. Kami and I signed up for massages and at this location this included use of the spa facilities for the day. We took advantage of the opportunity by using the saunas, hot tubs, and lounge chairs which was too much for this sleep-loving guy to resist. Naps in the spa are allowed, even if your mouth is wide open and your friends laugh at you. By gones. Anyway, this time I was not tortured with a “Sports” massage and it was a very relaxing experience. I think Kami and I might actually be on the resorts new promotional video too…I am not sure why but they were taping us as we lay by the hot tub after our massage. Oh well.

There really wasn’t anything earth shattering to report from the vacation but it was a good time and I guess I am ready to get back to work…if I have to.


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