Want something done…hire someone to do it themselves!

So my wife and I decided to hire a contractor to build an outdoor kitchen at our new home. I checked out some of their other projects and everything seemed nice and the price was perfect! Today they started and the boss dropped off 2 guys to start laying the blocks that will be the frame of the counter which will hold the grill and refrigerator. These guys were worthless! I went out and had them knock the thing down and start over twice! Apparently they lose all sense of “straight” when they are in prison. At least that is judging my the terrible tattoos they had! So the start on take 3 and before I have a chance to get out there and take a look the boss comes back and knocks it down again! He then renders the other to spectator duty and he gets further along in an hour then the other 2 guys did in 3 hours. Amazing! All you have to do is slow down, stop smoking and pay attention…then the blocks get laid straight!

Needless to say both the boss and I were not pleased with the work the others were doing so the boss stuck around and is now doing all the work. That is why when you hire a contractor…make sure they are the ones doing the work and that he is not hiring some crappy ex-cons to do the work instead!

Oh well…I will post some pics as the project gets further along.


One response to “Want something done…hire someone to do it themselves!”

  1. A Contractor is only as good as the people he hires. The one I work for would be the same way. If they cant do it fire them and do it your self. After all it’s your name on the side of the truck, not theirs.Blue_Dawg

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