Want something done right…fire the first guy and move on to number 2!

Well part 2 of the outdoor kitchen project was not a good one. When I arrived home yesterday I saw a monstrosity on my back patio that was supposed to be the framework of a top notch outdoor kitchen. The reality is that I saw something that resembled what an outdoor kitchen would look like if it were build by children without a level! Unbelievable that after the crap that went on in day one that day two would actually be worse! Needless to say I was livid at the quality of work that was done on this project. I called a friend that is a home builder to make sure I was not overreacting and his initial laugh when he saw it followed by “I’m Sorry Man!” did not bode well for the mood of the evening. He said that I should fire him on the spot!

So this morning when my contractor arrived I did just that. I told him that the quality of his work was terrible and asked him if he would pay someone to do this kind of work at his home…silence. I told him that I had no confidence in his ability to correct all the mistakes and get this project done to my standards…silence. I told him that I didn’t understand how not once, not twice, but three times he and his crew screwed up building a straight wall! From there he asked if he could tear it down and keep the materials…please! There is no way I want to reuse the crap that he had thrown together and frankly it is easier now that I don’t have to try and fix his errors and I can just start over.

So Jose will be here Monday!

Let’s see if we can get this right on the do-over.


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