Something I Had Never Seen Before

Well yesterday and last night I witnessed something that I had never seen before and was beginning to wonder if I ever would. I am sure you are thinking that no one has seen the election of an african american president of the United States, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about an active participation in the process by voting, followed by celebration of the masses in the streets of major cities all over the country. Over 117 million people voted yesterday and that is great! I hate to see poor voter turnouts and this was not the case yesterday so congratulations for getting out to vote!

Now I was not one of the people jumping for joy after the election was declared last night…I would not have jumped for joy if the other name was called either as I am still not convinced that we had a good choice yesterday. That said I truly hope that the 65 million people that voted for Mr. Obama are correct in their excitement and I hope he does an amazing job. I am cautiously optimistic because he talks a great game but we don’t have much of an idea how he will do walking the walk. I am sad to see one party have control of both the White House and Congress again (and I am a Democrat) because I think that is what gets the country into trouble. The whole point of having the Senate, House and President involved in all of the affairs is to provide a checks and balance to the mayhem and when one ideology has control of all parts there is no more check or balance.

Again I truly hope the right choice was made and I hope my generation finally gets to witness a presidency without scandal and disappointment. So far we have not had that luxury.


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