Politics…When will those that make the decisions start to get it?

Okay…I absolutely hate that the decisions that guide our country are made by politicians that seem to be so out of touch with the real world that they really think we care about their bickering. I didn’t watch much of the speech last night, I did see the “highlights.” Does anyone else think that Congress has more in common with Junior High than it does with working class America? To see the republicans all sitting still and not acknowledging the comments being made reminded me of a 7th grade dance…you know the one, where all the cool kids are too cool to dance so they just sit and watch the others. Probably making fun of them along the way. Sadly if a republican were making the speech the democrats would have done the same thing. Heaven forbid you support what is going on in the country, and if you have better ideas then propose them! Don’t just let the only option go through and then gripe about it!

I hope I am not the only one out there that is sick and tired of watching this crap. These people are spending our tax dollars, sending our friends and family to fight, and shaping the future of our country and they can’t even figure out a way to work together to find the best way to do it. That is sad. That is something other countries do, not America! We are supposed to come together in times of need. Take a picture Congress. When a tragedy happens in our country we help each other out. It doesn’t matter what our beliefs are, or what color we are, or how much money we have. We show up, we get things fixed, and we go on about our lives…better than we were before.

What happens in Congress when something bad happens? The majority is the only one with a proposed plan and the minority sits around and rips it apart. Why not show up to work with the mentality that you are going to solve the problem at hand? No one cares about what church you go to, or what country club you go to after work…take care of work. Do your jobs and then go on about your lives. I wish we had a one party system in this country…the Do Things Party. No one runs on a certain ticket, they run on what they are going to do and how they are going to do it and then when they get in the room there is no aisle to reach across because there is no aisle. Make them crawl over each other or make them figure out a way to get around in a way that helps us all.


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