March Madness

Okay so the last couple of days are probably the least productive work days of the year! Yesterday I joined some friends at a local pub for lunch. Of course with basketball going on this turned into a long lunch! For them it turned into an all afternoon lunch. While I am working from home today so I have been able to do a lot of my website edits while watching the games I can still imagine that most sports bars and restaurants are packed at lunch time so everyone can catch some of the big games. Those friends mentioned above were already planning on just taking the second half of today off. At least they planned it this time!

So any sports fan has to love this time of year…these are some of the most compelling and interesting games anyone will ever watch and they happen every March. The teams change, the players change and the coaches change but it never fails to give us great games, cinderella stories, and amazing performances.

Cheers to March Madness! We love the NCAA Tournament no matter who plays and for the most part no matter who wins, because for 2 days each year at least lunch has some excitement beyond what we are going to eat!


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