Okay…maybe I am missing the boat on something but shouldn’t there be a part of every American that wants the president to do a good job? I understand not liking the policies or not liking the politics of one party or the other but for people to come out with wishes of failure seem about as counter productive as you can get!

Think about what that means for us all…if we have a political system that we are wishing to fail. How in the world will that benefit anyone? Seriously…I want to know. I can see where you might not want parts of a bill to pass or you might not agree with certain aspects because I am right there with you. I don’t want socialized medicine either! I understand that it will cause a decrease in the quality of care for those of us that actually have insurance and pay our bills…I get it. I don’t want taxes to increase either…hell, I pay more than my share! I understand that you don’t want to bail out businesses, I don’t either!

But all that aside I truly hope that this president, the next president, and all future presidents are successful in running the country! I will never jump on a boat that is destined to sink and I wouldn’t think anyone would want to be a part of a country that starts wishing failure on its leaders before they even have a chance to get going! Come on people!

I didn’t vote for the guy either but I want him to be successful…BECAUSE THAT MEANS AMERICA IS SUCCESSFUL!


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