Earth Day

Well I have already made one blog post today about Earth Day so here is my second and last. As many of you may know today is indeed Earth Day…so we should take some time to do something eco-friendly today. I am having a hard time coming up with things to do. I already drive a Volkswagen so I am not going to go buy a hybrid! I guess I will put off mowing my lawn today (but I may just be using this as an excuse not to mow the lawn). I am wearing my eco-sneaks (no, I didn’t come up with that…they are made by Simple out of recycled materials and they are very comfy!). So what can we really do to help the environment? My wife and I have planted 11 good sized trees in the backyard which before we built our house there was just a cattle pasture with no trees so as I look at it we have reforested the area. We will take care of them for years to come so that they are full sized trees but we didn’t do this to help the environment, we did it to have some shade and block the view of our neighbors! I am sure it is helpful to the environment or at least doesn’t hurt. We can’t afford to add solar panels or a wind turbine to our home (yes I have priced them both!) so what else can we do as average people?

I am open for suggestions…until then I will just open my office door and enjoy the amazing weather we are having here in Oklahoma! Here’s to enjoying the outdoors and our beautiful planet! HUG A TREE TODAY PEOPLE!


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