the Holidays

Well we come to the holiday season and we are all full of anticipation for the needed time off. I am not so much in need of the time off this year thanks to a well-timed trip to Maui. Fall is a great time to go if you guys are trying to decide when to make a trip to Maui. Of course in my book pretty much anytime is a great time to visit Maui or any of the Hawaiian islands. It is not like the weather really changes so might as well just head out there any chance you get.

Okay back to reality. So Thanksgiving is tomorrow and my wife and I will be celebrating alone this year. A first for us but we are looking forward to a day alone with some pizza on the grill, beer, and the Detroit Lions getting beat. The first two on that list are new for us on Thanksgiving but that last one seems to be sticking around for a while. Maybe we will use Turkey pepperonis on the pizza…probably not though.

I know what you are thinking….Thanksgiving is about family and spending time with those you love. We will be doing that on Friday and Saturday so don’t go crazy. We are however going to enjoy sometime together without the holiday rush and without the traffic before we head to spend time with my family. We spent time with my wife’s family last weekend and it was pleasant…even got a round of golf in with my father and brother-in-law. Sometimes Oklahoma will surprise you with a beautiful day in the winter or fall and you have to take advantage of it!

So I hope everyone spends the holiday around those you love doing something you love. Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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