The New Blog!

So I have blogged using blogger for some time and I have made the switch to WordPress finally.  I like the format and the ease of use so far…we shall see if I am better at updating the blog.  I really want to get into the habit of posting each day about what I did that day and my thoughts on the word, marketing, design and other things.  If you know me then you understand I have a random mind so there will most likely be a variety of posts on here.

Here is my to-do list for the day…maybe that will give you some insights into my random mind:

1.) Think Tank Planning (I am heading up one to explore a national professional association)

2.) Social Media Seminar Planning (I am presenting two 1-hour sessions at a conference)

3.) Website Updates & Edits

4.) 1/2 page advertising design for professional association

5.) 4×6 mailer design for a client

6.) quarterly magazine design for professional association

7.) quarterly magazine design for a client

So you can see how I go from analytical to creative all in a day.  This leads me to some pretty crazy thoughts so I hope you enjoy the blog!


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