My New Project

You will learn my vision for this blog on the “About” page so I am not going to go into the details much in this post.  My basic goal is to have fun writing about my experiences and have fun reading about the experiences of my friends and their friends.  Of course there are a ton of travel review sites out there and they provide some great information.  They often give you quality reviews from travelers just like you or I…but I don’t know any of them!  I want to be able to see what people I am connected to have to say about places.  Who knows, it might just determine my next vacation spot.  We recently went to Barbados because some family members talked about what a great little island it was.  We went solely because of this recommendation (and the pics of their beaches…always important!).  I don’t just want to hear about your good trips either.  If you had a train wreck of a trip somewhere either for business or pleasure, let us know…so we can learn from it.

That brings me to another aspect I want to grow on this blog.  I want to give people an idea of things they can do while on business to get the most out of that one afternoon they have to take in a city.  I travel all over the country holding conferences and rarely get to see much of the cities I am in so I am looking forward to seeing some ways that I can maximize my time.  I am also going to share my thoughts on some cities I have been to for this purpose.  I may not remember the names of restaurants or specific details but I am sharing anyway…the more the merrier right?


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