6 degrees of travel

I know what you are thinking…do you not have anything better to do?  Sadly, not really.  So I started a new travel blog with hopes that my wife and I can share our experiences with our friends and our friends can share their experiences with us.  We don’t talk to all of our friends all the time so it will be nice to see what they have done and where they have gone.  I would much rather get a travel review from someone I know or even someone that knows someone I know than just clicking through TripAdvisor.  No offense to TripAdvisor but it just means more if I know the source.  I have some friends that have traveled to some pretty incredible places and I hope they will participate in my little project.  Who knows maybe I can get enough material to write a book or start a little magazine for all my friends to enjoy.  With Facebook and Twitter it is easier to stay connected with everyone but we are still often too busy to learn about the great locations people visit.

So if you are interested in travel and what to check out my first review it is of Maui.  Maui is great and I hope you like the review.  If you have someplace you would like to write a review for please send it my way and I will post it for the world, or at least my world to see.


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