Well I was basically snowed in all weekend and took the opportunity to write a couple of articles for newsletters that will be distributed by NALS…the association for legal professionals.  The first one I wrote goes along with an educational session I am going to present for the association in March. That is on social media use.  NALS members are, for the most part getting their feet wet in the world of social media so both the article and the session will be introductions to social media with some explanation on ways and whys to use social media as a marketing tool.  I think social media is an amazing opportunity for businesses and organizations to have a conversation with customers and members giving them a real time customer service tool.  This tool is a magnificent marketing tool if used effectively…my goal is to get the members and leaders to see this opportunity so that they can begin having a conversation with their members and customers through social media.

The second article I wrote lays out some tips and tools for building and maintaining website.  I hope that the leadership in the association will utilize these tools to help build quality websites for their members to use and interact with.  I only give them 4 tools but they are excellent and I would recommend checking them out if you are looking to build a website.  I know this undermines my business of building websites but the truth is that you don’t need to hire a web designer to create a really top-notch site these days.  I will post the article here as soon as it is published and I will do the same with the social media article…I don’t want to let the cat out before they are published for the groups they are written for.

Until next time!


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