Super Bowl Sunday

The unofficial national holiday is once again here!  This is the time of year when we get together with friends, eat snack food all day, drink beer, hope for a good football game and anticipate the strange commercials.  We should all get Monday off after the Super Bowl.

So this year we get, for me, and absolute toss-up of a game.  I like Peyton Manning, and I like Drew Brees.  I actually have no opinion one way or the other on who I would rather win tonight.  The only thing that separates the Colts and Saints in my mind is the fact that I like Indianapolis WAY better than I do New Orleans.  Not that Indianapolis is an exciting, vacation-worthy destination, but I surely had a better time there than I did in New Orleans.  I went to New Orleans pre-Katrina and I have to say it was the dirtiest city I have ever been…in every sense of the word.  It smelled bad, the people acted bad, the police were bad, and the meeting that I was there for didn’t really go well either.  I saw things on Bourbon street that I really never care to see again.  Sure the food was good and there were some highlights but for the most part it was not an experience I would like to have again.  Now Indianapolis was a quiet city, at least what I remember of it.  I was very young when my brother, mom, and I boarded a Greyhound bus to travel and meet my Dad there.  I remember being impressed by the city as I had no pre-knowledge of what to expect and I remember everything we did being fairly interesting.  Most importantly I never remember being afraid I might die…can’t say the same for New Orleans!

So as we prepare for the day long snackfest that is Super Bowl Sunday I am going to say the Colts come out on top…based solely on my experiences in their home towns.

PS: Pitchers and Catchers report in 10 days!  The real reason we are celebrating today.


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