Congrats to the Saints!

Well the Super Bowl was a least a good game.  The Saints were impressive and were able to take home the trophy.  Since I work in the marketing world the ads are always fun for me…this year’s winner to me was Volkswagen for their “Slug Bug” commercial.  Of course I drove a VW for a few years and loved it so I may be partial.  Doritos was another than threw a lot of spots out there and I have to say several of them were pretty funny.  There seemed to be a ton of movie promotions this year…apparently Hollywood is not hurting through the tough economic times.  I have to say that the new E-Trade baby is not as cute or entertaining as the last one but the ads were still clever so maybe then can win me over time.  Google offered up the least needed ad in the history of the Super Bowl as they showed us that we can search and find things using Google…I think we all got that by now.  We even tell people to “Google” things when we want them to search for it…I just see that spot as a waste of cash. Budweiser normally has some great ads but this year they were disappointing.  Maybe they are finally out of ideas. needs a new campaign, or at least new girls to use.  They are putting everything on Danica Patrick which for a non-carracing fan this misses me.  Maybe the NASCAR crowd is really into building websites and I am way off but they either need to get hotter girls to use or they need to abandon the “GoDaddy” girls for a campaign that might have something to do with their actual business…that would be strange though.

Well I can’t remember any others that jumped out at me, if you have something that I missed feel free to leave a comment!

Now back to work…I have 3 publications to get out the door this week!


2 responses to “Congrats to the Saints!”

  1. Okay, so I agree – for the most part – with all your comments. However, another commercial that I really liked…and I’m not sure why…was Bridgestone with the killer whale. I really cracked up over that one. But maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Oh and I thought the Betty White one was great!

    • I missed the Bridgestone one last night but watched it after I made the post…that was a good one…I missed Betty White too…going to check that out now.

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