Seriously…More Snow?

I don’t know about you guys but this winter is kicking my ass!  I am so tired of all the snow that I am considering a move to someplace warmer.  Outside my office window now I am watching another 2-3 inches of snow build up on my lawn and all I can think about is how slow May is coming!  That trip to St. Croix is looking better and better and it just won’t get here fast enough.

Anyone else have an exciting trips planned for this spring or summer?  Maybe if we talk about it then we can forget all the snow on the ground and focus on the sand between our toes!


2 responses to “Seriously…More Snow?”

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    • Thanks! We are just getting off the ground and I absolutely will be posting more articles and more often…and I will have posts from others expanding on the places reviewed. I think you have inspired me to write my review of Tulum, since that is as close to Playa as I have vacationed!

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