Inbox Management

So I got to work this morning and saw that I had once again let my inbox grow to uncontrollable levels!  I didn’t quite let it get to the 1,000 message mark but it is very close.  This triggers the emergency clean-up mode and I have to dig myself out before I suffocate beneath the weight of all the press releases, thank you, and oops I didn’t mean to copy you on that messages.  I am not sure why I am not better and filing and deleting those as they come in but I never can seem to keep that going…I am an email hoarder!  It is not exciting enough to be a Lifetime series but it is just about as annoying to me.  I sort out the things that are important but those mainly meaningless emails that come in just pile up until days like today…so it is clean up day!

After I sort through the crap emails then I can focus on the 50 or so actual tasks that I need to accomplish.  50 tasks may seem like a lot, and they can be but most of mine are fairly minor so I think I can knock most of them out if I can stay focused and not get sidetracked by more interesting and fun NEW tasks that come in today.

Hope your email stays more organized than mine!


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