Happy Valentine’s Day

So most of you that know me understand my frustration with trying to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my wife.  Those that don’t know it goes a little something like this: I try to do something and it never works out, so I quite trying!

This year we decided to trick the Valentine’s Day curse and have something on Friday instead of today.  It worked!  We had some friends over for a nice little dinner party and everyone had a great time.  We are a low-key group so it was just that, food, friends and conversation.  Some great stories were told, I don’t have permission to re-tell them on here but I really wish I could…a couple were hard to believe but so good that they could not have been made up.

Now we make it to actual Valentine’s Day and what do we see?  MORE SNOW ON THE GROUND! It wasn’t even supposed to snow, just get colder and we wake up to an inch on the ground and more coming down. The curse is back!  Not that an inch of snow is anything, especially after the winter we have had this year, but we hate cold weather and snow.  We had a nice relaxing Saturday of doing a little bit of work and watching the Olympics.  Oh, and I did our Taxes which was a load lifted.

What is it about taxes that is both frustrating and terrifying each time you do them?  You are frustrated at just how much you paid the government over the course of the year and then you are terrified that you are going to have to pay them even more!  And then from my perspective you have to make sure you claim all your income from the dozens of small client jobs throughout the year and you have to try to hunt and find every little deduction you can so that having the small business is actually worthwhile.  It is a crazy process that I dread each year.  This year it was actually really easy.  My second year of ditching the CPA and using Turbo Tax and I am sold.  Turbo Tax brought over all my information from last year so that was a huge time saver, and all I had to do was enter in my figures from this year, add my business stuff and then it went on the hunt for more deductions.  It took me a few hours but with ski jumping as the Olympic background it wasn’t too bad at all.  And it is done so that is awesome!

Hope your Valentine’s Day celebrations are not cursed like mine, and I apologize to my wife of nearly 9 years.  I love you and since you don’t read my blog, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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