Oklahoma…Love It or Hate It (in the same week!)

Well spring time in Oklahoma can be a roller coaster ride with the weather.  Yesterday was beautiful!  We had a light wind and low 70 degree temperatures with plenty of sunshine.  Today should be more of the same with low to mid 70 degree weather and sunshine most of the day.  Tonight it is all supposed to change.  This evening we are expecting a storm to move in bringing us some rain and possibly thunderstorms.

The real fun begins tomorrow.  As the rain moves in overnight, on Saturday we are supposed to have a cold front move in as well.  The temperatures will top out early Saturday morning around 45 and then they will start to drop.  They will be at or below freezing by late in the afternoon and we all know what happens when we have rain and dropping temps…SNOW!

Are you kidding me?  Two days of 70-degree weather followed by snow…welcome to spring break in Oklahoma!  Seems like we always have some snow on spring break.  They are only calling for 2-4 inches and with the warm days leading up to it there will not likely be any major issues.  What it really does for me is make me want to get on a plane and go island hunting!  Fortunately that will come in May…too bad it won’t come in April.

I am planning to do some more reviews this weekend and next week so keep an eye out.


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