Everything is Going to Change

Well as many of you may already know there are going to be some major changes coming in the next few months.  They are exciting changes and many of you may be shocked…I know many of the people who have already found out are shocked.

So what are these changes?

In December I will be a Dad (not gonna lie, that was kind of weird to type).  My wife and I are going to have a baby and our due date is in early December.  I know that many of you are wondering because we have often said that children were not in our plans.  We made a decision about a year ago to stop preventing a child and to take it out of our hands so to speak.  We figured if it was supposed to happen it would and we would rather it happen now than later.

So here we go…the rumors are true (if there were any rumors) and I am sure the nature of many of my posts will be changing along the way.

We are excited!


5 responses to “Everything is Going to Change”

  1. I am so excited for you, Jay! You’ll be a wonderful dad, and a very fun one! Being a parent is my favorite job, and definitely the most rewarding thing in my life. I did not plan to have children, but God blessed me with one anyway. I am so very glad that He did, because she has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m proud of your openmindedness, and I think you’ll be rewarded a hundred times over!

  2. Jay, this last week my youngest moved out on his own. His grandmother sent me a letter I wrote to her when he was a child…it goes like this…Mom can you believe my son is 3 months old today…he is so beautiful. I look at him and still find it hard to believe. Oh Dad and Mom I wish we could be nearer. He is so adorable and I love him so! I think of him and then look at his father and can’t believe that someday the light of my eyes will be grown, but I guess he will always be the little one I loved to hold and rock. The little one who would lick my face and bury his head into my chest. Mom, remind me how much love I showed him and he for me. That love that doesn’t always show once we are older, but is there always.

    Enjoy–they grow so quickly. Enjoy the beautiful gift you have been given.

  3. Hey Jay, that’s awesome news, congratulations! Yes very surprised because you’ve said that kids were not in the plans…of course, plans always change!! You will make a great dad, especially when you introduce your passion for the Yankees to your son or daughter!!

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