National Pregnancy/Infant Loss Remebrance Day

Some of you may know that today is recognized as National Pregnancy/Infant Loss Remembrance Day.  What you may not know is that every day 2,000 women in the United States lose a baby.  That is 700,000 a year and is a third of every female in the country is affected.  No one talks about this and my wife and I were not aware of it until we lost our son Lukas at 23 weeks of pregnancy.  We have no idea and will never know the cause of our son’s death but our lives have been forever changed.  We want to make people aware of this issue, not to cause concern or make people worry about their pregnancy but to give them hope that if something does happen they are not alone.

So if you are one of the many parents that has suffered a loss please know that you are not alone and we are all dealing with the situation as well as we can.  If you need support check out I Am the Face or Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope.

One response to “National Pregnancy/Infant Loss Remebrance Day”

  1. Jay,

    thank you for the help on the NALS web site where you talk about 1st jobs.

    I am sorry for your loss. I was shocked when I read about this. I have some ideas of what you are going through. When my Mom died in 2004, I was completely unprepared for it emotionally. I live 1500 miles away from where she lived.

    I atarted to see a therapist again, as I had/have what they call complicated grief. If you can find any kind of support groups you go to in person I might suggest you go to one meeting

    I was pretty much a zombie for 18 months. The new medication I was put on did not help, only I did not know it at the time. I should have sued the doctor that did this.

    Also, my Mom talked to me about loosing my brother to crib death in 1950. She tried to forget about that. I know it impacted how my sister and I were raised in so many ways. Sometimes I think about this and wonder what things would have been like if he had lived.

    It will take some time but eventually, you will feel some better. In my experience, you will discover strength you never new you had. Out of that, you will grow and become a better person. It is so sad and unfair that you have to experience so much pain. But this seems to be how the process works, at least for me.

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