Time for a Change

Ten years ago, I answered an ad in the newspaper to work for NALS.  I was hired fresh out of college to be the Communications Manager for this national association and I was given the greatest professional opportunity I have ever had.  NALS has been my home for the first ten years of my career and I have enjoyed working with many of you, I have loved developing new and interesting ways for NALS to communicate with you.

Sadly, the time has come for me to move on in my career.  I will be leaving NALS to take an opportuntity to work with an advertising agency as their director of account relations.  I hope to stay in the loop with NALS and look forward to seeing how the association continues its momentum and moves forward.

I will continue to assist NALS with some of their graphic design needs and will help in other areas as much as I can and as much as NALS wishes.  I have enjoyed my time working with NALS and the experience gained has shaped my career.

I want to thank everyone at NALS for the opportunities I have been given and the support along the way.  You are wonderful people and truly do make NALS a special place to be.  I am happy to call many of you friends and I hope to keep in touch as our paths veer apart.

2 responses to “Time for a Change”

  1. We will miss you but wish you only the best in your new position. We are also thankful that we will be able to continue to work with you in the time ahead. Thank you for all you have done for NALS as well as myself.

  2. So sorry to hear you are moving on! You will be sorely missed. You have done a great job and will be a hard act to follow. But, we were lucky to have you and your talents for as long as we did! I wish you much success and happiness now and always!

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