Who do I think I am?

My Grandparents

I am a huge fan of the show “Who Do You Think You Are?”, and my interest in the ancestry of the celebrities they have chosen has given way to my own interest in who I am.  My family is small by most accounts and I really didn’t know much about my ancestors until now.  About a month ago I signed up on Ancestry.com and along with my brother have been tracing our roots.  It is amazing what  small world it is and even smaller it was.  We truly are all related!

You really need to know somethings about your family before you get started but once you are back a few generations, Ancestry.com makes it easy to link up to other people’s family trees and documents to trace your family through generations quickly and efficiently.  You will certainly hit some detours along the way and you HAVE to make sure dates and locations match up.  My last hint is that somewhere down the road you will have to change the spelling of your last name…it is inevitable.

We have found some amazing people in our blood lines and it makes me wonder where the stories die?  We have traced back to kings, queens, war heroes, and legends.  How do these stories stop being told?  Our family has never seemed as interesting as it does now and for some reason, generations ago, the stories were just not told anymore.  These are great stories!

I will share some more later…this can be the intro to the ancestry part of my blog.

PS…Today is my Mom’s Birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

One response to “Who do I think I am?”

  1. We began family history research in 1972 the year after we were married. In those “olden” days it was much more difficult because we had to spend massive time researching in the library, cemeteries while on vacation, and having the library borrow microfiche from other libraries. The computer age has saved so much time. If you aren’t using Family Tree Maker you need to as it works hand in hand with ancestry.com. It is has been so much fun to find out our family history and will be a life long project. We so wish we could have sit down conversations with past generations! Good luck and have fun!

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