Too Many Places to Be at Once

So far the hardest part of the big job change has been balancing training my replacement and dealing with new projects at my new company.  They hired me because they are at a point where they need my help and I am excited to jump right in, but I have been working at my old company for a decade and there simply isn’t enough time to pass along that much experience and knowledge on to my replacement.  I am trying my hardest to remember to tell her everything that I can possibly think of and get her as prepared as I can all while being pulled toward the new tasks waiting my arrival.

I am finding it hard to say no to either my history or my future…it is a tough balance that has frankly made me ready for things to just go one direction!  I have loved my time at my old position and am excited about my new one, they are wearing me out in this week of limbo.  By the way it is really hard to verbalize everything that you do on a daily basis…so much of it you just do because you know it needs to be done.  Any tips on how to tell someone how to do that?

Of course I am used to balancing many projects and tasks and I am quite comfortable in handling deadlines for multiple clients and projects all at the same time.  One thing I have never been able to master is physically being in multiple places at the same time.  I am sure there is something from one of those Harry Potter books that could help but I have not been able to locate that at Target!  If anyone knows where I can pick one of those up before tomorrow morning please let me know.

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