March Madness

Well I made it through another St. Patrick’s Day without being pinched…success!

Now the NCAA tournament is underway and I can start my annual ritual of having my wife’s bracket defeat mine.  It doesn’t matter how much I follow college basketball in a given year, she almost always end up with more correct picks than me.  Kind of a sad week for me really…I am a huge sports fan (except soccer, just can’t do it) so it is hard when my wife is better at prognosticating the greatest tournament in american sports.

This year it could turn out in my favor though.  We are both in an office pool and so far we are both doing pretty well…the winner of the pool gets a weekend at the company lake house so this could work out for me as well…surely she would take me with her right?

So I hope you had a great St. Patty’s day and remembered to wear your green so that you didn’t get pinched.  I also hope your NCAA basketball tourney brackets are successful…at least almost as successful as mine, I still want to win and beat yours…even if I have no idea who you are, sorry.

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