First Day

Well today is my first day at a new job…for the first time in a decade I am not doing what I have done on a Monday.  I am a little in limbo…learning the new office environment, trying to figure out what I need to be doing, and where things are around here.

I have my office set up in a usable format so that is nice, and my new boss was nice enough to email me a list of things I needed to do since he is off on a production shoot.  It is just a little weird being in a new place, doing something new when you have done the same thing for such a long time.  It is exciting to have new opportunities and new challenges but getting off the ground can be a shaky prospect.

Well I guess blogging on the first day might not be such a good thing…oh well, what do you do?  I have some time to think so here I am…blogging away.

I guess I should make this about business to cover my bases…if you have any advertising needs or want marketing help, Pick the Pineapple!

That should do it 😉


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