Opening Day – One Day Later

Well yesterday was a big day for my family…we are baseball fans.  I even got a “Happy Opening Day” text message from mom!  We have always been baseball fans and love it when the season starts.  It means months of our favorite sport and it means the weather will be getting warmer!  Both outstanding things to be kicked off.

Yesterday I was able to watch the Yankees pull off their 11th consecutive opening day home win while I sat at my desk and did my work.  It was great to be able to follow along and still get things done!  I continued to watch games when I got home (sorry dear…it will be a theme for the next few months).

And then it hit me.  I realized that I was supposed to be sharing this family tradition with my son for the first time this year.  I promise I am not going to write about everything this feeling hits me…I DO NOT want a depressing blog where people can see all the things that make me slide back into those rough times.  I feel like I have been able to deal with our tragedy in as good a way as possible but there will always be instances like yesterday when, what was a really good day, got turned around emotionally.

It is so strange what things make your mind shift to experiences you won’t be able to share.  A song, a picture, a conversation…apparently a baseball game on TV.  It isn’t like this is some kind of live changing event for anyone…but it is something I will not get to enjoy with my son.

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