Taxes = Done

Anyone else out there feel like when you did your taxes this year it felt more and more like you were loaning money to that idiot friend that you love to death but know going into it they would be blowing all your cash on booze or gambling or a new toy rather than paying their mortgage or credit card bill?

I just finished up our taxes and it was painful…we pay a hefty chunk of money and I am sure you are all right there with me.  I understand we have to pay taxes for our safety, protection, infrastructure, education and the sort but it is getting more and more frustrating when you see Congress bickering and threatening to shut down.  If they aren’t working then why are we still paying their salaries?

If they are taking time out of the important stuff to deal with major league baseball and college football and listening to Stephen Colbert then why are we paying?  I don’t get paid to watch sports or the Colbert Report.  There are a lot of things in the world that need the attention of our so-called leaders and it seems like when we need the most attention on our own domestic issues these people are focused completely elsewhere.  They really are like a dead-beat relative or friend…we continue to love them unconditionally and will continue to support them as the stumble through life and they will continue to ask for more and keep on throwing it into the pot no matter what cards they are holding.

I am getting tired of it and would love to be able to cut this friend off…but that is against the law…of course it is.

One response to “Taxes = Done”

  1. I can certainly relate; hard working tax paying citizens and then today upon filing our taxes, we still owe more.

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