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I know it is a little strange to write a blog post about coming up with blog topics but it seems to be a theme for both work and personal blogs.  It can be really difficult to continually come up with things to talk about that you think will truly interest people.  You can only talk about your career so much, unfortunately I don’t travel every week, and if you continue to harp on the bad things in life you will likely just go nuts!  So what do I blog about?

I know what drives traffic to my site…the sad stuff.  I see it in my stats, each time I write something that is obviously sad the visits jump like crazy.  When I write about something less traumatic or emotional way fewer people check it out.  I have had some tragedy over the last year and believe me I could fill this thing up with posts about the thoughts in my head about our loss and how I am trying to deal with it.  I just don’t want to put those thoughts down on “paper” for the world to see.  There are times when sharing those thoughts will help me deal with the situation and quite possibly might help someone else going through the same thing.  When it meets those criteria then I will certainly post about it.  But when it is for me alone I refuse.

So we have taken some of the sad posts off our list of possibilities…now what?  The next thing that gets hits are posts about my travels.  With a vacation coming up one week from today I will certainly start to have more posts in that regard…but what do I write about until then?

I could write about my work or the crazy people on the drive to and from work but you all know how those will go…you probably are dodging the same idiots as I am!  So no posts about work :)….of course I was talking about driving when I mentioned dodging idiots…there are no idiots to dodge at work.

So with all that said I guess I will just blog about the things I should think about blogging about.

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