the Sunrise, and Sunset

Me and My wife in Hana, Maui, Hawaii

A little over a year and a half ago my lovely wife and I took a trip to Maui.  It was probably my favorite island get-a-way that we have had together because we truly took the time to appreciate the beauty that was around us and I think we enjoyed each other more on that trip then we had in the past.  One thing that I started to appreciate on this trip was the beauty in the Sunrise each day…of course it is easy to see the beauty at 10,000 feet above sea level on the top of Haleakala Volcano.

Sunrise on Haleakala

If you ever get the chance to experience this sunrise then you should take advantage of it…even though you have to wake up at 3am and drive to the top of a volcano and dress like it is winter even when you are in Hawaii.  It is totally worth every effort you have to make.

The very same evening we sat together and watched the sunset from our balcony overlooking the Pacific ocean and I really started to appreciate each sunset more as well.  I think before this trip I took this for granted and didn’t take the time to appreciate the show that is given to us each morning and evening as the sun makes its appearance and then says good bye.

Sunset on Ka'anapali Coast

Later in the trip we spent an evening in Hana and the following morning was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen.

Sunrise in Hana

The point of this post is to hopefully help you understand the beauty in each sunrise and each sunset that we often take for granted.  Take a moment to enjoy them.  That very same sunrise could be the last one someone sees.  That sunset could be something someone else never got the opportunity to witness.  Don’t take the fact that you are able to witness and experience them for granted…appreciate it.

photos are copyright Letter 10 Productions

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