Well here it is…another birthday.  It is strange how little birthdays mean to you once you pass certain, shall we say, milestones.  30 was difficult for me, I’ll admit it.  33…well it just seems like another day.  So much has changed in my life between 32 and 33 that it really makes the day seem even less important in the grand scheme of things.

I will be traveling for work today…I am actually probably in mid-air as this posts…so I won’t be celebrating in any special way.  My wife and I are going to have some people out to the house this weekend for a little get-to-gather but nothing big.  After all it is just another day right?

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes…I apologize if my excitement is not as high as some on their birthdays.

One response to “33”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jay! Don’t take it for granted either. Of course, NALS never would have put you on an early flight on your birthday – LOL!

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