And the Anniversary Gift winner is…

Okay…so my wife and I are terrible at keeping secrets from one another and can rarely pull off a surprise because of it.  I thought this year I was doing really great.  Key word is “thought”.

As our 10th anniversary approached I was going to be in New York City for a business trip and had decided to buy Kami a watch for our anniversary.  Since it was relatively spur of the moment I figured I could pull of the surprise and make the gift seem even better than it was.  For a few weeks leading up to the big day we had both been playing the “what do you want for your anniversary?” game and had thrown out things trying to make each other think the other one hadn’t gotten anything.

I have to admit…seriously…up to this anniversary I was winning the best gift category.  I nailed our 5th anniversary with a custom-made diamond ring with 5 diamonds.  It was perfect.  I used my great idea way to early in our marriage!  What was I supposed to get for 10?  I couldn’t afford a custom-made 10-diamond ring!  So a watch it was…a fun one in her favorite color from a Time Square shop (not a street merchant…the real thing).  I thought I was doing well.

Until I got home and shortly after I surprised Kami with her new watch…then she revealed her gift.

She had been planning a trip to the MLB All-Star game for months!  She has been working on tickets, booked an amazing hotel and we leave in a couple of weeks.  Game, Set, Match to my lovely wife Kami.  She most certainly takes the best gift prize down and makes my watch look like something you get out of a vending machine!

Thank you Kami for an amazing gift and I can’t wait to spend some time in Phoenix with you at the spectacular resort you booked…might even treat you to a spa day for all your hard work in keeping this one a secret!

One response to “And the Anniversary Gift winner is…”

  1. NEVER underestimate your wife’s creative ability! Good lesson to learn after 10 years!! Wait until you get to 31- it gets harder year after year.

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