In Memory of our Dreams

I haven’t written anything in a while for several reasons…one I have been busy, two there is a lot going on in our world and three, Kami and I have been thinking about something we can do for our son, Lukas’ birthday. Lukas was stillborn on August 11, 2010. We want to remember him and support some of our favorite baby loss charities at the same time. So here is what we came up with…

We are going to collect pictures of friends, family, readers…whomever wants to send us one. We will be donating $5 to two of our favorite baby loss charities (Faces of Loss and March of Dimes) for each picture we receive. We want you to send us pictures of you, or family, your children or all of the above with at least one green balloon. Why a green balloon? Green makes us think of our son. He was born in August so his birthstone is Perodit which is olive-green and we were about a week away from painting his room green when he was born still. Feel free to be as creative or plain as you want to be with this, but have fun and take the time to remember someone you have lost.

Also take this moment to truly appreciate your children and all that they do. Believe us, they are a blessing and their lives should be celebrated each day. We would love to get 100 pictures from different individuals (we aren’t made of money but we will donate as much as we can in support of these great causes!). You can email your picture to my wife at by our son’s birthday, August 11, and we are going to pull all the images together and create a collage to commemorate the occasion.

Of course we will be updating you both on here and at Kami’s blog of some of the pics we get and how much money we are raising. Also if you want to contribute more to these causes that support those dealing with baby loss and researching causes then please feel free to do so in the name of our son, Lukas Clark Moore, or in the name of a child you have lost. No amount is too small. We believe that even those that don’t spend much time on earth can have a legacy and we want our son’s to be one of love and support of others…this is our small way of remembering.

About the charities…Faces of Loss is one of the first resources Kami found online after the loss of Lukas. It truly helped us understand that we are not alone and offers support and answers to questions for mothers and fathers dealing with baby loss. Knowing that you are not alone in this tragedy helps you learn to survive. The second is March of Dimes which is always working to make stronger, healthier babies. Part of their mission is to research the problems that threaten the health of babies.

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