well this got interesting

So yesterday was a very interesting day for Kami and me.  We had known for a week or so that Kami was pregnant and were both excited and nervous about our appointment for an ultrasound yesterday.  This was to be the first ultrasound we had experienced since we lost Lukas and we were both prepared to be emotional when we saw the little heartbeat of our second child.  Then a whole different kind of emotion hit us when to our surprise….there were TWO little heartbeats!

Yep…TWINS.  Identical twins nonetheless.  We could do nothing but laugh.  We laughed and smiled for probably 15 minutes in that ultrasound room, we had the ultrasound tech laughing and that is all that we could do.  We know that we are SUPER early in the pregnancy and we know all to well that things can go wrong.  We have been open about what happened with Lukas and we are excited about this new adventure so we want to share with those that we know and love.  And we will need all the good thoughts and prayers we can get!

So there it is…no more secrets from me…TWINS.  Still can’t wrap my head around it but I guess I have a few months to figure out how.


PS…we will be listening and noting all offers for daycare and babysitting, starting NOW!

7 responses to “well this got interesting”

  1. Jay, I am so excited for you and Kami! Twins are a double blessing. I’ll happily volunteer the services of my brother, Robert. He has 26 years experience raising twin boys.


    • Jay & Kami,
      What wonderful news! I am so happy for you and a double miracle of blessings! Prayers going up!

  2. You are SO deserving of this miracle and will be the most amazing little family! Blessings to all!

    Mary Jo

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