I’m a Geek…this is not the news

So anyone that knows me understands that deep down inside I am a geek.  I like computers and technology.  Yesterday one of the greatest minds for technology stepped down from his post as the CEO of Apple.  Ironically I am sure my MacPro start-up drive decided to fail in protest.

The very first computer I used was an Apple IIe back in my mom’s computer classroom in Chandler.  I loved that thing!  Constantly playing Oregon Trail, coding in basic (yes, I was an elementary school geek), and always on the search for Carmen Santiago.  I have been using Apple products since.

Steve Jobs sold his VW Microbus to start a company with a Steve Wozniak in 1974 and went on to change the way we do our jobs, communicate and for many of us live our lives on a daily basis.  You people out there thinking that you are not influenced by Apple and Jobs might want to wait just a minute.  If you are reading this blog post after using a mouse to click on the link…well you can think Jobs.  If you carry one of those little USB jump drives around…yep.  Thank Apple.  They were the first company to widely use USB and were the first to ditch the floppy drive and yes…were the first to use a mouse.  It’s not all about iPhones and iPads. (he was a co-founder of Pixar too…so if you like Toy Story and Cars, Thank Steve)

So if you are using a computer…which you are…this is a blog post! You have something to thank Steve Jobs for.  Of course the is not going too far away, he will be stepping into the Chairman of the Board roll.

Good luck Apple.  I am still looking forward to the future and I can’t wait to see what you come up with now that Steve has moved on.  I hope you continue to impress even us geeks with your innovative products.  And Thanks to Steve Jobs. You have made being a geek socially acceptable (for the most part) for the last 30+ years.

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