It’s a boy! (most likely)

Well it has been awhile since I last wrote a post here…I am not sure why.  I guess the nervousness that I am feeling each day that keeps me from sharing what is going on in my world.  To update you on things that have happened in the last month…my wife and I are now around 18 weeks along in our second pregnancy.  We found out about a week ago that we are “most likely” having a boy.  Of course I am excited about the prospect of having a son.

I wish that I could be overly excited like I was with Lukas, but I have been jaded by fact that sometimes things go wrong.  Now my excitement is met with an equal and opposite force…fear.  I know that we are doing everything that we know how to do to make things turn out for the best.  But we thought we were doing that the first time and it doesn’t matter how much you do or how much you know…things can go wrong.  I hate that I have this thought everyday.  I wish I could blindly go about this process and plan, buy things, paint rooms, buy more things and pick out names the way new parents are supposed to…but I can’t.  Those are the cards I have been dealt and I am playing them the best I can.

So I am not going to be a downer anymore.  I AM excited…I AM happy that everything to this point is going well and Kami and I are expecting to have a healthy baby boy!

[fingers crossed, knocking on wood, searching for heads-up pennies, hoping, praying, {insert your good luck/wishes measure here}]

3 responses to “It’s a boy! (most likely)”

  1. Praying with you and knowing that your son is very lucky to have you and Kami as parents. I’m excited for you both!


  2. We are so excited for you and have Faith that everything is going to continue going smoothly! We have Faith that your hearts will not be broken again! I am marking out my calendar for March so that I can paint and shop and buy and do laundry for you! Seriously!!! Love you, three Moores!!!!

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