Yesterday was a pretty big day for me.  I got to feel my son kick for the first time!

I know for most of you this is not that big of a deal but I only had the chance to feel my first son kick once before we lost him.  It is super exciting for me being able to feel our baby kick.  There aren’t many ways for a father to connect with a child during pregnancy…actually there aren’t anyways outside of ultrasounds and that occasional kick.  Hopefully my wife doesn’t mind be grabbing her belly because I have a feeling I will be obsessed with this from now on.  I want to take advantage of every opportunity this time.  Sorry dear.

Kami also got her hands on a doppler so that we can listen to his heartbeat.  The first time she tried it out when I was there was a little scary.  It brought back some memories of the doctor not being able to find Lukas’ heartbeat and I was afraid of what it would be like if we were not able to locate one that night.  Fortunately it was very easy to find and we could enjoy the sound of his heartbeat without worry.  We have done this again a few times and each time there is a little moment of nervousness followed by relief.  It is a great piece of mind for us…so keep on kicking little one!

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