Goodbye 2011…Happy New Year!

Well here we are…another year is going by.  2011 was kind of a hangover year for me.  Still stuck in the shock of dealing with the loss of my son but we closed out the year with the excitement of Kami’s pregnancy with our second son, Ian.  It has been a great second half of the year watching him grow on an ultrasound screen and letting myself hope and dream of sharing life with him come spring time.  It has taken me a lot to get my head back around to the positive but I think I am there.  Many thanks to wonderful friends for the support and encouragement along the way!

So in 2011 I also took a leap into a new career.  Not a vastly different area from where I was for the previous 9 years and 11 months, but something new.  I say vastly different mainly because it is still in the realm of marketing but it certainly is a different world than associations.  I started at Pineapple Advertising a year ago in April and it has been somewhat of a whirlwind learning the style of a new company and figuring out where I fit in and how I can use my talents for this company.  I still have my hands in some aspects of the association so I am not completely removed.

Until we found out Kami was pregnant again that was pretty much the highlight of our year.  Kami is still happy in her nursing career, the pool was a nice addition to our summer and we remain on the hunt for a great deal on travel to a new beach (while that will certainly get more difficult, it will still be there).  2011 was the year Kami and I celebrated 10 years of marriage…she won the gift war when she surprised me with tickets to the Major League Baseball All-Star game in Phoenix.  We had a wonderful time (thanks Mary!) and shortly after returning we learned of our greatest surprise, Ian.  Of course at that time we didn’t know it was another boy, but that didn’t matter.

Now we just wait for the next week so we can get another glimpse of our son on that black and white screen to see him move, his heart beat and see how much he has grown.  I know…seems like kind of a boring year.  Well I hope that 2012 will more exciting and laughter filled than either of us can imagine.

So that is enough about that…hope that everyone has a great New Year celebration.  Be safe and make the most of everyday in 2012!

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