Things have been going really well for Kami and little Ian lately and we are getting very close to 30 weeks into this pregnancy.  That means we are getting into crunch time as should probably start to prepare for actually bringing this little man home with us!  While exciting it is hard to wrap my head around it.

Those of you that know me understand that I am a task person.  If I see a task then I get consumed with it until it is completed.  For some reason the past couple of days our home has been the target of my focus.  Our attic space is really quite nice for storage and is relatively easy to get in and out of…if it is organized.  Step 1…organize the attic. Check.  I have everything in its place and even built shelving to make room for more stuff as with all attics, they tend to fill up.  I felt like we couldn’t tackle Ian’s room without someplace for the current stuff in there to go.  And the attic it is!

So with that tackled…I moved my focus on to Ian’s room.  Anyone that has been to our house lately knows that Kami’s sewing room can be a bit of a train wreck (sorry dear, it can).  This is the room we have decided to make Ian’s.  Step 2…empty the boy’s room!  Check.  With a bit of a whirlwind my wife and I were able to not only empty the room, but do it in an organized manner with the important stuff still accessible! Next up paint.

It was a VERY productive couple of days to say the least.  On another update we were also finally able to stomach the idea of registering for baby items.  Kami’s best friend came up (she has a 1 year old) to help and did so more than she knows.  Registering was one of the last things we did before we lost Lukas and I was dreading it.  I still had a rough day but at least we got it done! In case you are curious…Buy Buy Baby and Target 😉

Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers and support!

2 responses to “Nesting…maybe”

  1. Hugs to you & Kami. Held Hudson tonight, 5 days young, my nephew’s first baby. Get all the sleep you can, then enjoy every minute of being daddy and mommy!

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