Father’s Day – number 2

Well here it is…Father’s Day.

I have to admit this is pretty exciting for me.  Nothing planned really.  I do get to spend the day with my dad and my boy and that is really all that matters.  Most people will consider this my first Father’s Day since Ian was born just shy of 4 months ago.  I don’t blame them for thinking this as they never got the privilege of meeting my first son, Lukas.  I can’t help but think of him as I write this post, just as I think of him often when I am holding his little brother.  I am not sad anymore when I think of Lukas…I am sure that sounds strange coming from a father that lost a son.  I am thankful.

If Lukas had been a healthy little boy we would not have found the condition that helped us make sure Ian made it to us safely.  We would have continued on our path not knowing the risk that Kami was in everyday and who knows…Ian may not have come around at all.  And I can’t imagine that now at all.  He has developed such a cute personality and loves life even at 4 months (I’m rounding up now!).  So while I think of Lukas often, I am mainly thanking him for the sacrifice he made and the knowledge we gained from him.  He is a hero to me and he never even got the chance to live in this world that he has so shaped for us.  I no longer take anything for granted and see the beauty in everyone around me that is better off now thanks to him.  I am so lucky to have a wonderful wife and healthy baby boy to spend time with and grow as a family.  I am sure I look at Father’s Day differently than most but I truly look at it as a day to cherish the fact that I am indeed the father of a healthy, perfect baby boy.

So as I get the chance to hold my son on this, my second father’s day…I can’t wait to spend it with my father soaking up as much wisdom as possible so that I can pass it along to Ian on all the wonderful days to come.

PS…if you know another father that lost a child…keep them in your thoughts.  Just because you didn’t get a chance to meet their child, they still existed and are still living in the hearts of their fathers.

2 responses to “Father’s Day – number 2”

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Jay! I’m one guilty of thinking of you today as if this is your 1st. Your thoughts are so touching … I’m proud to call you friend! Please keep sharing, Marie

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