6 months

Today Ian passes the 6 month mark.  He is starting to sit up, roll over, roll over, then roll over and give us a laugh and make some crazy noises.  He is even getting some hair on that flat head of his.  Last night he gave us a treat and slept all night for the third time in a row!

Yes…the little man is growing up very fast.  He is really starting to develop a fun personality and I can’t wait to watch it grow with him.

We took him to the zoo for the first time last weekend and he did pretty much what I expected.  He noticed a few animals, made faces a few people then fell asleep.  He does great in public and seems to follow is parents with their ability to really be entertained by the activity around him.

So nothing profound or sappy in this post.  Just a thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers and I can’t wait to show you how Ian grows up one post at a time.

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