New Chapter

4 years ago I decided to leave a career in the professional association world that was comfortable and in an arena in which I excelled in.  I was knowledgeable of the industry, I had gained expertise in the areas of marketing and management and outside of running an association myself I felt like I was pretty well versed at what that world would bring.

So of course after 10 years the logical thing to do is to completely change careers and jump head first into the world of advertising.  I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to join one of the most creative people I have ever met and work along side him to develop some amazing creative and build solid advertising campaigns for a number of clients from around the country.  I won’t lie, I was over my head at times in a fast-pace and cut-throat world that is about as much of an opposite as you can have with my previous career.  It was a constant balance between making clients happy, doing what we thought was right, and working hard to stay ahead of the curve for our clients to help them achieve their goals.  I quickly set my focus on internet marketing and grew into someone that took a lot of pride in developing strategies to grow web traffic for my clients.

Today was my last day in the advertising industry.  Tomorrow I take my knowledge and experience gained from a career with a great professional association and the experience gained working with talented people at a great advertising agency and I go to work with the largest company I have ever worked with.  You got it…in a completely different industry!

Sure I have always had a baseline of marketing and the internet…but now I go to work with one of the largest web development companies in the world.  I will be working on some of the largest websites in the world utilizing a platform that owns 23% market share of the internet.  That’s a long way from running A/V at a conference in a casino in Mississippi.  It is amazing to me that my career post college has gone is such different directions with each move, yet sticking with the basis of good marketing decision and logical interaction with clients to make things work for customers.

So as I start another new career tomorrow I am looking forward to new opportunities, while looking back at the amazing experiences I have had over the last 15 years.

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